look around!

MEN!!!!! What has happened to us?

Why all the fuss?

Why did we forget how to properly love our women?

Have we forgotten how to listen?

Why do we treat them like a piece of meat

Every time we meet?

Please help me understand, what is the excuse?

Please tell me the news.

mopana-men Source: Google Image

MEN!!!!!!! Women were born to be loved in more than one way

Why do you just want to satiate your hunger and leave them the next day?

Please help me understand

Help me expand my understanding, I demand.

By the same Author: Red, So Inviting

Some women were born to hurt others

But think, they were hurt themselves so they do unto others.

I have felt their wrath

But I would never treat them bad.

MEN!!!!!! Please know that they were born to be admired and adore

Even if…

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